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Sonnox Oxford Envolution

Sonnox Oxford Envolution
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A frequency-dependent transient shaper. Designed to radically reshape the envelope of any sound.
NZ $380.00

Key Features

  • Frequency dependent control of Transients & Sustain
  • Tilt/parametric targeting of frequencies to process
  • DIFF button to solo the effect
  • Use in parallel without phase cancellation
  • Warmth control for:
  • Harmonic saturation/tone shaping 
  • Prevention of excessive output levels 
  • Many great presets to get you started
Envolution is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper with separate transient and sustain sections to radically re-shape the sonic envelope of your instruments or audio.

Use a broader tilt mode or the more parametric-style focus mode to choose which frequencies are processed.

Insert on a track, bus or even master output to add presence/distance to drums, piano, guitar and any other percussive content. Boost sustain to make the ambience around a recording bloom, or cut it for quick and precise gating.

We love the more creative and extreme side of the plug-in too; like using the DIFF button to generate negative ratio compression effects!

  • AAX Native
  • Audio Units
  • VST
System Requirements Pro Tools
Pro Tools 10.3.8, 11.3.2, 12 – AAX Native
Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS and hardware configuration: 
iLok2 USB device with latest drivers

Audio Units
Audio Units-compatible application (Logic, Digital Performer etc.)
Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.11
iLok2 USB device with latest drivers

VST2-compatible application (Cubase, Nuendo, Sequoia etc.)
Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.11
Windows 7 or later
iLok2 USB device with latest drivers
Supported Hosts Mac
Pro Tools 10.3.8 – 12 (AAX Native)
Logic Pro X 10.2 
Logic 8 & 9 
Digital Performer 
Studio 1 

Pro Tools 10.3.8 – 12 (AAX Native)
Studio 1
DSP Compatibility -
Latency in Samples NATIVE
44.1 kHz 20
48 kHz 22
88.2kHz 40
96 kHz 43
176.4 kHz 79
196 kHz 86
Sample Rates NATIVE
44.1 – 48 kHz: ✔
88.2 – 96 kHz: ✔
176.4 – 192 kHz: ✔

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