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EastWest ProDrummer Volume 1 & 2

EastWest ProDrummer Volume 1 & 2
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EastWest's ProDrummer™ not only includes professional drum sounds; the producers, who record and mix the biggest artists in the music business, have included pre-mixed drum kits for use in your compositions using the 'state of the art' tools included in the ProDrummer software.
NZ $407.99

Key Features

  • 104 drum kits in both volumes
  • Over 100GBs of perfectly tuned drums performed by Steven Sidelnyk (Madonna, Seal, Massive Attack), and Matt Chamberlain (Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Pear Jam).
  • Recorded by the #1 mixer in the music business, Mark ‘Spike' Stent, 10-time Grammy winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, and co-produced by EastWest’s multiple-award winning producer Doug Rogers.
  • Includes Pre-mixed user adjustable Drum Kits from the producers so the drums are ready to be mixed into your track.
  • Includes over 14,000 MIDI grooves categorized by style, length, and tempo.
  • 16 channel mixer enables complete control of each drum kit, bleed and room mics
  • Recorded in 5 studios from dry to very wet.
  • The ONLY drum collection to include authentic SSL EQ, Compression, Transient Designer, and Stereo Bus compressor.
  • Includes Ohmicide to create EDM or synthesize the drum sounds.
  • Includes an Amp Simulator for further drum processing.
  • Includes a State of the Art Reverb and 726 presets.
  • Includes a Songbuilder sequencer to arrange complete drum tracks inside of the ProDrummer software.
  • Includes Sync to DAW to match the groove tempo in your track.
  • Includes Drag and Drop to copy drums tracks to your DAW.
  • Includes a Drum Velocity Processor and velocity graph to add punch.
  • Includes the ability to swap individual drums within a kit, tune them and stack them (2 snares stacked for example).
  • Sold separately or in a bundle at an unbeatable price
ProDrummer™ certainly includes lots of professionally produced drum sounds, as you might expect from an industry leader like EastWest. But it goes beyond that by inviting producers who record and mix some of the biggest names in the music industry to include pre-mixed drum kits for inclusion in your compositions. These mixes are defined by not only the exact physical drums that were played, but also the selection of mics and preamps, as well as the settings within various effects processors, all to enrich the sound and take your work to a higher level of professionalism. You can either use their mixes as they are, or use them as starting points that you can customize to your needs and taste with the state-of-the-art tools that are an important part in the ProDrummer software. This initial release includes 2 volumes, each designed by one of the legends in the music production business. You can purchase a license for the library designed by either one of these producers, or buy both licenses to have access to these two sets of unique drum kit sounds. 

ProDrummer Volume 1 This first volume includes approximately 60 GB of drum kits produced by Mark “Spike” Stent and multi-award winning EastWest producer Doug Rogers. The drums were played by Steven Sidelnyk (Madonna, Seal, Massive Attack). The kits in this volume include Drum Workshop, Slingerland, Gretsch, Ludwig, Yamaha, Orange County, and Zildjian instruments, with all of them recorded in 5 different rooms to exploit the various sonic possibilities of the spaces.

ProDrummer Volume 2 The second ProDrummer volume includes about 40 GB of drum kits produced by Joe Chiccarelli and multi-award winning EastWest producer Doug Rogers, with drums played by Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, and others). ProDrummer Volume 2 includes Craviotto, Ludwig, Tama, Slingerland, Gretsch, Istanbul, and Zildjian instruments recorded in 3 different rooms to give you options about the kind of audio space you want to create in your music. EastWest Producer Doug Rogers was a co-producer on both of these volumes. His most recent virtual instruments productions include ProDrummer 1 with Mark “Spike” Stent, ProDrummer 2 with Joe Chiccarelli; Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter; Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion all with Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen; The Dark Side with Dave Fridmann; and Fab Four with Ken Scott. Fab Four and The Dark Side both won M.I.P.A Awards, judged by over 100 international music magazines.

MIDI Grooves Both volumes include the same set of MIDI Grooves that can be used for a quick audition of any instrument. Or you can also use these MIDI files in your own pieces, either as they are or as you’d like to modify them. Get a fast start on a drum track with professionally created grooves. Feel free to piece them together in the Song Builder that included within the ProDrummer software. Or simply add one or more of them to the MIDI tracks in your sequencer.

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