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CB Electronics SR-3HD Serial Remote/Synchronizer

CB Electronics SR-3HD Serial Remote/Synchronizer
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Key Features

  • Multiple serial ports: 3 Output, 1 Input
  • Sony P2 protocol: DAT's, VTR's, DA-88, FEG Prima ..
  • P2 Plug and Play: Sony P2 Auto recognition and Configuration
  • ES BUS protocol: Studer D820/D827, AK ES 1.11
  • Studer TLS4000 protocol: Studer Audio Tape Recorders
  • Ampex Protocol: VPR-3, VPR-80, Timeline Lynx
  • 8 Record Ready keys: Up to 48 record Channels
  • RS422 Input for use with DAW or Video Editors
  • Parallel In/Out: 6 parallel inputs, 6 parallel outputs
  • Timecode Output: Follows the master position and Offset
  • Timecode Input: All outputs will chase remote code
  • Built in P2 Synchroniser: Will synchronise any suitable 9-pin Machine
  • Real or Virtual Master: Perfect Machine as Master, Tapeless Master
  • 11 Macro Keys: User configurable
The SR Series remote controls have been designed using experience gained from the MR series remote control system. Designed as a stand-alone controller or to be used with Digital Audio Workstations the SR serial remotes make cost effective ergonomic solutions.

Although the user can control only one machine at a time from the remote both the record and unrecord commands are global so that multiple machines may be controlled simultaneously using the internal 9-pin synchroniser or using the built in chase feature of modern machines.

The SR-3 may be used with a Digital Audio Work-station or Video Editor to provide control of up to 3 machines from one serial port. The DAW controls the selected master machine; the timecode output follows the selected master. The record tracks are mapped so that the Serial input may have up to 64 record tracks. The timecode input enables the SR-3 to act as a timecode to serial converter.

There are 6 CMOS parallel inputs and 6 TTL parallel outputs provided. Currently used as machine control and tallies and General Purpose Trigger Outputs.

8 record ready switches and a bank switch are provided, these are switched with the machine selects and provide access to up to 48 tracks on each machine.

Any of the 100+ user functions provided may be assigned to one of the 9 macro keys. The user functions include Dat specific functions such as PNO renumber, id write, id read. Video specific commands such as assemble or insert, ADR keys (Next Loop, Prev Loop, Join, Insert), or system commands such as instant replay, instant record, Mark. Continual user feedback ensures that more functions are provided on a regular basis.

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