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ATI BI400 4 Channel Bi-Directional Converter

ATI BI400 4 Channel Bi-Directional Converter
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Bi-Directional Level and Impedance Converter, provides 2 Channels of Balanced XLR Input to Unbalanced RCA Output and 2 Channels of Unbalanced RCA Input to Balanced XLR Output
NZ $641.00
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Consumer audio equipment can offer unique features, good performance and attractive pricing making it very desirable for professional use. Unfortunately, RF pickup, ground coupled cross talk, high frequency roll off, hum loops and distortion are often the results of the direct connection of low level unbalanced IHF outputs into the 600 ohm balanced systems used in studio or broadcast environments. Consumer and semi-professional equipment can be identified by the use of RCA type connectors, typical of home hi-fi equipment, for their IHF inputs and outputs. Professional systems typically use XLR type connectors or hard-wired connections.
The BI400 is a bi-directional stereo interface, which bridges a stereo pair of professional 600 ohm balanced or unbalanced +4dBm lines and converts those signals to a nominal .25volt IHF level (-10dBu). The IHF output can feed, for example, the record inputs of a consumer grade sound card or audio recorder. Simultaneously,  the BI100 also converts the unbalanced, high impedance, stereo, .25-volt IHF playback outputs from the sound card to a +4dBm output capable of driving balanced or unbalanced lines of 600 ohms or greater line impedance.
The BI400 comes complete with a WA100-1 120VAC external power supply. For operation on 220-230VAC, specify our WA100-2 as an exchange.
The BI400 is supplied as a desktop unit. It can be mounted up to 3 units across using our 21075-501 19-inch Rack Mount Shelf. See our Accessories section for other mounting and power options.
-14db nominal, -8db maximum. +14db nominal, +22db maximum. User adjustable for -10dBu (.25V)     User adjustable to 0, +4 or +8dBm output with 0, +4 or +8dBm inputs output with -10dBu (.25V)     input.
+4dBm input, -10dBu (.25V) out -10dBu (.25V) in, +4dBm out. 
+22dBm in, +8dBu (2.0V) out +8dBu (2.0V) in, +22dBm out.
20kHz B.W.: -90dBu maximum output -80dBm maximum output.
.02% Max at Peak Level .02% max. at Peak Level 20Hz to 20kHz .005% max. at Nominal Level .005% max. at Nominal Level 
+.25dB, 20 to 20,000Hz +.25dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz. 
70dB minimum at 10kHz 70db minimum at 10kHz.
Balanced, 20kohm bridging Unbalanced 10,000 ohms. 
Unbalanced, 1500 ohms max. Zs. Balanced, 40 ohms maximum. 
1.5"H by 5.5"W by 5.75"D; Weight: 1.5 Lbs. Net. 
XLR (balanced input/outputs) & RCA phono jacks (unbalanced input/outputs).
24VDC @ .07A - BI100 & UB400, 24VDC @ .04A - BU400, Connector sleeve is positive. 
All units require 24VDC power supply, which is ordered separately. They can share a single supply-using loop thru DC cable (P/N 20602-1). Do not exceed rated supply current.
Limited, One Year Warranty 

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