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Avid VENUE|S3L-X System

Avid VENUE|S3L-X System
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Live Sound System
Systems include the control surface, rackmount engine and up to four stage boxes for a total of 64 mic pres.

Innovation Takes Center Stage

Get the performance, sound quality, and features that countless live sound professionals have come to rely on in a system architecture that’s built for the future. The modular Avid S3L System is comprised of a high-performance HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins, scalable remote I/O that can live on stage or in a rack, and a head-turning, compact control surface that’s built for the road, but equally at home in the studio.

A fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices and uses the open Ethernet AVB and EUCON standards for maximum performance and flexibility. Award-winning VENUE software drives the system, and with Virtual Soundcheck and direct Pro Tools integration, re-creating the sound of the studio has never been easier—or more accessible.

Key benefits

  • Experience uncompromising performance with HDX-powered processing
  • Re-create the sound of the studio with integrated Pro Tools AAX plug-ins
  • Configure the modular system with up to 64 mic pres
  • Get reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity, without the cable bulk
  • Record directly to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through your laptop’s Ethernet port
  • Control Pro Tools and other DAWs using the S3 control surface as a EUCON controller (feature coming soon)
  • Fit the system anywhere and transport with ease—perfect for fly gigs and bus tours
  • Get the celebrated hallmarks of Avid live sound systems
  • Take your VENUE show files with you on a USB key for use on any Avid live system

What’s included

  • S3 control surface
    • Compact 16-fader surface, with six bankable layers
    • 32 touch-sensitive encoders and high-resolution OLEDs
    • Multicolor Channel Control parameter section for fast mix adjustments
    • Full complement of I/O
    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, featuring latching etherCON connectors
    • EUCON-enabled for Pro Tools and other DAW control (feature coming soon)
    • USB connections for a keyboard and mouse (not included)
  • E3 engine
    • Runs VENUE software, mission control for the entire system
    • High-performance, HDX-powered processing engine (supports AAX DSP plug-ins)
    • 24 aux busses, LCR, plus 8 mono matrixes and 8 VCAs
    • 2-track recording/playback using standard USB Flash drives
    • Local and ancillary I/O
    • Three Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, featuring latching etherCON connectors
    • Separate Ethernet port for remote control using a laptop or tablet
  • Stage 16 remote I/O box
    • 16 analog inputs (XLR) with remote mic preamp control
    • 8 analog line outputs (XLR)
    • 4 channels of AES3 digital output
    • Ruggedized design with dual-purpose rack ears/handles for use as a stage box or rack-mounted
    • Power and status LEDs, with device Identify feature
    • Sliding Mute switch silences all box outputs
    • Two Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, featuring latching etherCON connectors
  • VENUE software
  • Pro Tools software
  • Plug-in bundle
  • Cables, accessories, and guides

Forget about being locked into a stock set of sounds. All Avid live sound systems come with a collection of professional effects and sound-processing plug-ins to help you create better mixes. But that’s just the beginning; your system can be an evolving canvas of sounds—simply add more AAX DSP plug-ins from Avid and our development partners to get the sounds you want.

Included AAX DSP plug-ins

  • Avid Channel Strip EQ, dynamics, filter, and gain effects
  • Dynamics III compressor/limiter, expander/gate, and de-esser
  • EQ III high-resolution, double-precision 48-bit EQ
  • Mod Delay III variable delay processing
  • Pultec Bundle analog EQ simulator of three classic designs
  • BF-2A emulation of the LA-2A vintage tube compressor
  • BF-3A smooth leveling amplifier ideal for voice and instruments
  • Purple Audio MC77 digital replica of the acclaimed Purple Audio MC77 Limiting Amplifier
  • Reel Tape Saturation analog tape color, compression, and saturation effects
  • ReVibe high-quality room-modeling reverb

About live sound plug-ins

Top sound engineers tell us that one of the main deciding factors in choosing Avid systems is because of the plug-ins. Not only do all Avid live sound systems directly support many of the same plug-ins used by artists and engineers in the studio, its ease of implementation makes mixing an enjoyable, creative experience.


Dynamic performance with the lowest latency

To the performers on stage and the audiences they’re entertaining, these live sound plug-ins deliver exceptionally low latency with consistent performance—no matter how many plug-ins you toss in your mix. And unlike daisy-chained hardware processors, you won’t experience any signal degradation.


Studio sound—live

When you’re looking to replicate an album or performer’s signature sound, Avid and some of the best audio developers in the world have got you covered. From re-creations of popular vintage hardware and popular channel strips to the latest studio processing used in recordings today, choose from a wide variety of plug-ins to expand your sonic palette beyond what other consoles are capable of offering.


Easy to use

Many live sound plug-ins look and act like their real-world hardware counterparts, making it easy to get the sound you want. Plus, your Avid live sound system’s Automatic Delay Compensation will keep your mixes phase-accurate, so you can concentrate on your mix instead of stressing over manual calculations for processing delay and time-shift compensation.


Total control at your fingertips

Because VENUE software directly supports studio plug-ins, you can access and tweak all plug-ins right from your system's console surface. Need to move inputs? Simply call up the plug-in rack on screen and instantly make changes with a click of a button. And because you can instantly recall and automate all plug-in settings using the Snapshot function, you can spend more time refining your mix than frantically dialing up settings for each next song.


Sound evolution

With Avid live systems, your sounds will never become stale. That’s because VENUE-based systems offer way more plug-ins than any other live sound system. Plus, Avid and other top audio designers are constantly coming out with new plug-ins, which you can easily download to your system at whim. In fact, most plug-ins offer a “demo” mode, enabling you to test-drive them in real-world applications before you make a commitment. Here’s just a taste of the plug-ins available.

S3 control surface

  • Channel strips/faders: 16 (up to 6 fader banks)
  • Encoders: 32 total (each with high-resolution OLEDs and tri-color function indicator)—16 assignable encoders, 8 channel control encoders, 8 global control encoders
  • Metering:16 10-segment meters, with pre- and post-fade metering options
  • Analog inputs: 4 total—2 XLR mic/line inputs and 2 TRS line inputs for connecting talkback, audience mics, or playback devices
  • Analog outputs: 4 total—2 XLR line outputs and 2 TRS line outputs for connecting recording devices or near-field monitors
  • Headphone output: 1 (1/4-inch TRS) with level control
  • Height (front, rear w/knobs): 3.2 cm, 7.2 cm)
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Depth: 36.3 cm

E3 engine

  • Software: VENUE software
  • Input channels: 64 (with full processing)
  • Busses: 24 aux busses, LCR, plus 8 mono matrixes and 8 VCAs
  • Onboard EQ: 4-band parametric EQ on every input and output channel
  • Graphic EQs: 16
  • Onboard dynamics: Compressor/limiter and expander/gate on every input and output channel
  • DSP: HDX, 32-bit floating point
  • Plugin support: AAX DSP (supports Avid and third-party AAX DSP plug-ins)
  • Pro Tools integration: Record/play back up to 64 audio tracks on a computer over the Ethernet AVB network—no Pro Tools interface required (computer not included)
  • 2-track USB: Stereo record/playback via USB Flash drive (transport and playlist integrated into VENUE software)
  • Analog inputs: 4 XLR mic/line inputs
  • Analog outputs: 4 XLR line outputs
  • Digital I/O: 4 channels of AES3 input and output (XLR)
  • Ancillary I/O: GPIO (2 in/2 out), Word Clock in/out
  • Additional connections: 3 Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, 1 ECx Ethernet port (for wired/wireless remote control), 1 DVI video port, 4 USB 2.0 ports (2 rear, 1 front, 1 internal)
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 48.3 x 37.1 cm
  • Rack spaces: 2U

Stage 16 remote I/O

  • Analog inputs: 16 XLR mic inputs/preamps
  • Analog outputs: 8 XLR line outputs
  • Digital outputs: 4 channels of AES3 output
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 48.3 x 20.6 cm with ears/handles out (rackmount configuration); 17.6 x 39.6 x 20.2 cm with ears/handles up (for stage box use)
  • Rack spaces: 4U
  • Connections: 2 Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports (up to four Stage 16 boxes can be daisy-chained)
  • Snake cable type: Shielded 350 MHz Cat5e or better (Neutrik etherCON connectors required)
  • Maximum snake cable length: 100 meters

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