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Riedel RockNet – Digital Audio Network

Riedel RockNet – Digital Audio Network
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RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. RockNet provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge and behaves very much like a traditional analog active split system. It conveys 160 24bit/48kHz audio channels counterrotating on a single CAT5 cable. RockNet products are designed for heavy duty road use. Their ruggedized steel enclosures resemble the look and feel of a modular stagebox. All devices feature locking IEC connectors for the redundant power supplies. All other connectors are entirely gold-plated and the circuit design is streamlined to ultra low noise and minimum distortion to meet the highest demands in audio quality.

• 160 channels (RockNet 300)
• 80 channels (RockNet 100)
• Up to 99 devices in one network
• CAT-5 redundant network interface
• Independent Gain
• Front panel operation
• Redundant power supplies (RockNet 300 only)
• 48kHz or 96kHz sample rate (96 kHz RockNet 300 only)
• Status indicators (LEDs)
• Remote Control

RockNet incorporates a streamline redundancy concept on device and network level. The network interface of each device features two interconnections for fail-safe transmission of audio signals on CAT5 infrastructure. Based on a redundant ring topology, RockNet forms a self-healing network with no loss of audio in case of a connection fault between two devices. All devices feature dual power supplies with locking IEC connectors.

Independent gain is a highly desired feature in digital live sound environments (digital mixing consoles in combination with digital audio networks) as an integrated solution, i.e. without using an additional passive splitter.

In analog setups and even with digital mixing consoles, where more than one console is required, a passive splitter is the most common solution to enable e.g. the monitor mixer and the FOH mixer to independently set the gain to their respective requirements.
The RockNet Independent Gain funtion can be used in conjunction with digital mixing consoles equipped with RockNet interface cards (available for Yamaha and Soundcraft Studer consoles) or any other supported mixing console integrated via the RN.334.MD MADI-Interface. Independent Gain allows individual gain control for up to 8 mixing consoles in a single RockNet audio network. Independent Gain can be activated by using online remote control software RockWorks.

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