Matrox Monarch EDGE S1

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Affordably enhance remote production (REMI) workflows with** Monarch EDGE S1**. A simultaneous encode/decode appliance, Monarch EDGE S1 allows users to provide return feeds to multi-camera production crews in the field.

Monarch EDGE S1 offers one 3G-SDI input, allowing low latency return feeds coming from studio to be encoded for secure transport over private or public internet connections. At remote sites, Monarch EDGE S1 can decode one HD feed and output via a genlockable 3G-SDI connection for distribution of the program feed. As both encode and decode operations can occur simultaneously, a single camera contributor in the field can use this device to both send a high-quality feed to studio and receive the program feed being produced by the studio.

Key Features:

• Enhanced Productions, Small Footprint
• Built for High Quality 10-bit H.264 Encoding
• Exceptionally Low Latency
• Flexible Protocols
• Keep it In-Sync
• Simple, Easy-to-Use Tally and Talkback
• Convenient, Sentralized Control
• Localised Preview
• Robust and Practical Design