Radial Firefly Single-Channel Active Tube Direct Box

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The Firefly™ is a studio quality direct box that combines the clarity and detail of an active DI with a tube drive circuit that provides vintage warmth and pleasing harmonics to any instrument.

The Firefly's drive circuit utilizes a 12AX7 vacuum tube, which is the most popular tube made today and can be found in nearly all guitar amplifier designs. This helps provide the character and feel of a vintage device, while still maintaining low distortion and noise profiles common to modern pro audio equipment. The Firefly excels when used on instruments that sound too clinical or one dimensional when recorded directly, adding punch and warmth to bass or guitar tracks both on stage and in the recording studio.

Key Features:

• Class-A Front End & 12AX7 Tube Circuit
• Two Inputs with Gain & A/B Switching
• Variable High-Pass Filter
• Balanced XLR & 1/4" Tuner & Aux Outs
• Load Correction for Magnetic Pickups
• Transformer Coupled Balanced Output
• Optional Footpedal for A/B Switch & Mute

What's Included?

• Radial Engineering Firefly Single-Channel Active Tube Direct Box
• Power Cable