Grace Design m905 Analog Monitor Control System

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The Grace Design m905 Analog is an analog-only product. As standard, it does not include the digital section functionality of the m905, but it can be upgraded to full m905 specification at a later date if desired. This system is offered for users who already have an investment in DACs, whether standalone or built into their interface. System configuration is exactly the same, with all the same great monitoring features, except no digital inputs and an second pair of balanced analog inputs.

The main unit is provided in the same exact rack-mount enclosure, and comes with the standard, beautiful m905 hardware remote. On the input side, the m905 Analog is configured with two sets of balanced analog input pairs via XLR connectors, and an unbalanced stereo pair on RCA jacks.

Sonic performance of the m905 is, of course, identical to the m905 except that there’s no digital section. There is one other change: in order to keep costs in check, the hardware remote will come with a 25 foot cable made from CAT5 cabling. This will mean that the headphone output on the hardware remote will not be operational. The headphone out on the rack unit will be fully functional. This cable, if needed, can be upgraded.

Key Features:

• Analog monitor controller with desktop remote control
• Analog inputs – unbalanced (standard or the optional RIAA phono input), balanced (2nd pair balanced available on m905 Analog), CUE, talkback mic
• s-Lock dual-stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) for ultra-low jitter and top-notch audio performance
• Inputs and outputs can be named for display on remote control
• Dedicated Mono, Dim, and Mute switches
• 0.5 dB stepped level control
• Realtime SPL monitoring via remote control