Abbey Road Collection

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The Abbey Road Collection from Waves features a lineup of plug-ins that meticulously model the studios' legendary microphones, consoles, tape machines and signature effects, as heard on countless historic and well-known pop recordings. The plug-in bundle includes both Native and SoundGrid licenses.

Key Features:

• 6 Plug-Ins
• EMI TG12345 Channel Strip, J37 Tape
• REDD, Reel ADT, RS56 Passive EQ
• The King's Microphones

Collection Includes:

• REDD consoles (Based on the legendary REDD.17, REDD.37 and REDD.51 consoles)
• RS56 Passive EQ ("the Curve Bender")
• J37 Tape (Based on the legendary Studer J37 Tube 4-Track Tape Machine)
• The King's Microphones (Recreates the original frequency responses, with three proximity settings for each of the vintage microphones used exclusively by England's Royal Family)
• Reel ADT (get the famed Artificial Double Tracking developed by Abbey Road boffin Ken Townsend)
• EMI TG12345 Channel (modeled using the actual console used for The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album)
• Abbey Road Reverb Plates

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