A-Designs EM-Silver - 500 Series Microphone Preamp

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The A-Designs Audio 500 microphone preamp series is comprised of five different 500 series-compatible mic/line pres, each one meticulously voiced with specific sonic functionality in mind. The EM-Silver has a darker tone than the P-1, EM-Red, and EM-Blue. Its sound is based on a custom-wound steel output transformer, which makes it an excellent match for ribbon microphones. The EM-Silver is an outstanding preamp for bass guitar and keyboards and is also pretty killer on a kick drum. For brighter sound sources, the EM-Silver is the preamp of choice when you want less top end or a vintage-type sound…especially when used with ribbon mics, or on modern, brighter condensers to smooth out top end.

Key Features:

• Custom-Wound Steel Output Transformer
• Works with API VPR Alliance Guidelines
• Suitable for Ribbon Microphones
• For Bass, Keyboards & Kick Drum