A-Designs EM-Blue - 500 Series Microphone Preamp

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The A-Designs Audio 500 microphone preamp series is comprised of five different 500 series-compatible mic/line pres, each one meticulously voiced with specific sonic functionality in mind. The EM-Blue Preamp is equipped with a nickel custom-wound output transformer for accentuated highs, the EM-Blue is the brightest sounding of the EM Series. It produces an airier, more top-end oriented tone than its EM-Series brothers and sisters. When recording a dark-sounding microphone or an alto vocalist, the brighter EM-Blue can open the sound up perfectly. This pre is also useful for providing a crisp “crack” when recording a snare drum. If you use the direct input, you just might fall in love with how an electric guitar sounds going through its nickel transformers. The EM-Blue has a -20dB pad that enables you to get down and dirty with an electric guitar - just switch in the pad and crank the gain for a slight growl.

Key Features:

• Nickel Custom-Wound Output Transformer
• Works with API VPR Alliance Guidelines
• Suitable for Snares, Vocals, & Guitars
• Phase Switch