MXL AC-424 Executive Web Conferencing USB Microphone

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Elevate the discussion with the clear, dependable sound quality of the AC-424 web conferencing USB microphone. Just like the popular AC-404, the AC-424 has a three-capsule array with a 180 degree pickup pattern to capture clear audio in a conference room or group setting. With its 25 ft range, the AC-424 captures sound accurately even in large rooms. The AC-424 has a backlit mute button to enable private remarks. The headphone jack allows you to use hold a private conference at a work station. The AC-424 has an all-metal, low profile body with curved lines, making it an attractive and functional addition to any conference room or workspace.

Key Features:

• Wide angle of pickup captures sound accurately in a conference room
• Three-capsule array with 180 degree pickup pattern
• Compatible with PC and Mac computers
• Backlit mute button for private remarks
• Headphone jack