Panasonic AG-HPD24E Solid-State Portable P2 Deck

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The Panasonic AG-HPD24E Solid-State P2 Portable Deck is a lightweight (at 2Kg) yet extremely powerful recording device for professional HD production. With outputs for HDMI and HD-SDI as well as composite video, the 1/2 rack-wide, 2 RU-high HPD24E deck can serve a versatile monitoring station as well as the heart of a logging station for production in the studio or, with its included battery, in the field.

The deck has two slots for P2 cards and acts as a USB 3.0 device, so you can easily & quickly offload files to compatible hard drives. The AJ-HPD24E has a 3.5" LCD screen that shows not only thumbnails and live playback video, but also a waveform and vectorscope.

The AG-HPD24E supports AVC-Intra recording at 50 and 100 Mb/s. This intraframe codec offers extremely high-quality compression that produces high-definition files whose quality can stand firm against multiple post-production passes. The deck also supports DVCPRO HD and, for standard-definition compatibility, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, and DV. The HD codecs support 1080p, 1080i, and 720p formats, and with the deck's HD-SDI inputs, the HPD24PJ can input 1080/24PsF (progressive segmented frame) material and output it, making the deck appropriate for digital cinema productions.

Featuring time code in and out as well as RS-422 control, the HDP24E thrives as an NLE deck as well as a component in a live-event environment, recording the feed of a switcher. Recording options are manifold, thanks the dual P2 slots: You can record to both cards simultaneously or in-line, and you can hot-swap the P2 cards. Auto Rec responds automatically to the presence of an HD-SDI signal, and Loop Rec keeps the recording going non-stop, recording over each card's existing contents in turn. Using the HDMI output and the HD-SDI input of two identical AG-HPD24PJ portable decks, you can set up a system that can record and play back separate left-eye/right-eye channels of 3D video.

Key Features:

• AVC-Intra Support
• Native 1080p24 Recording
• Variable Frame Rate Support
• Two P2 Card Slots