Datavideo TP-150 Teleprompter Dedicated for PTZ Cameras

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The Datavideo TP150 Teleprompter Kit includes a mount that holds the tablet securely below the camera head.It is quick and easy to assemble without the need for any special tools. The frame attaches to any standard tripod quick release plate. The teleprompter can be operated using the included controller that works in Bluetooth or wired modes. In addition, it is suitable for small studios, business presentations and conferences, or live events.

Using the optional wireless or wired WR-500 controller, you can control the speed of your prompting, jump between break marks, and switch scripts.The DV prompter app allows easy and quick overview of all your scripts. Users can send a document to the software via email or by copying and pasting the text. With the script editing and timing tool, texts can be amended or added to accommodate any last minute changes.

The app gives the user control over the background color and the font type, size, and color. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it allows you to make quick changes in the middle of a live production. In addition, the app is available as free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Key Features:

• PTZ Teleprompter Kit for iPad & Android Tablets
• Teleprompter system dedicated to PTZ cameras
• Cost-effective solution
• Can be operated entirely by the presenter
• Suitable for small studios, business presentations and conferences or live events