Datavideo HRS-30 HD Recorder and Monitor In One

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Building an SD/HD-SDI recorder with a physical control panel, and a monitor into a portable hand carried clamshell design; the Datavideo HRS-30 Portable Hand Carried SD/HD-SDI Recorder with Built-in 10.1" Monitor is suitable for use on locations for off camera recording of SD/HD-SDI signals. The integrated physical keyboard provides push-button navigation and playback of your video clips with familiar VTR style control. It features a small LCD screen for clip information, so your footage can play back on the 10.1" monitor screen.

The 10.1" TFT LCD is built-into the cover of the HRS-30, so there is no need to cable the monitor, just open the cover and power up. The unit accepts SD/HD-SDI signals through its input, and provides a loop through SDI output, an HDMI and SDI output for playback from the unit. Recording the video image using MPEG 2 codec with 4:2:2 color sampling provides a good balance of quality versus file size, and you can choose to record your footage as either MXF or MOV files. The unit records to optional 2.5" SATA drives that you mount in the included removable drive rack. Power for the HRS-30 is either through use of an optional V-Mount battery attached to the built-in V-Mount in the unit's cover, or by using the included power supply, which features a locking power connector.

Key Features:

• 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution
• Records 1080p24, 720p60, NTSC & PAL
• Records MPEG 2 with 4:2:2 Color Sampling
• MXF OP1A, MOV File Encoding