Datavideo GO KMU-100 Studio 2-Camera 8-Shot Portable Studio

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The Datavideo 2-Camera 8-Shot Portable Video Production Studio Bundle consists of advanced video processing equipment for video productions. The KMU-100 only requires two UHD 4K camera inputs to derive eight separate virtual angles (four virtual angles per camera) that can be switched using a separately available video switcher. To back up the KMU-100 is the RMC-135 controller for positioning and controlling the virtual angles in real time. At the back end, the NVS-30 streaming encoder uses the ubiquitous H.264 codec for RTMP streaming and SD card recording. Video input and output can be monitored using the included TLM-102 dual 10.1" monitors. Finally, the AD-100M is an audio-delay mixer for synchronizing incoming audio with video.

Key Features:

• Complete Recording/Streaming Workstation
• KMU-100 Multicamera Processor
• Turn 2 UHD 4K Streams into 8 HD Streams
• RMC-185 Controller