Zaxcom Nomad 12 - Location Recorder/Mixer

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Nomad is a complete location sound recording system designed specifically for soundbag use, Nomad provides all the functionality necessary to mix and record in a power efficient space-saving package.

There are three models of Nomad available to fit individual needs – Nomad Lite, Nomad 10 and Nomad 12. All version of Nomad feature 10 analog inputs with 6 mic pre amps featuring NeverClip. Nomad 10 and 12 has 3 pair of AES digital inputs with sample rate conversion. One pair can be configured as an AES42 input. All inputs can be mixed to 6 output buss over 4 XLR connectors and 3 TA5 connectors (two busses per TA5). Each output connectors that can be individually con?gured as line, mic and consumer output levels. There is also a mono and tape output. Nomad also has 4 balanced camera returns that double as balanced line level inputs. Nomad can record 10 or 12 tracks (model depend) on dual Compact Flash card. Files can be recorded up to 24 bit / 96KHz with a dynamic range of 137 dB. Nomad 10 adds ZaxNet compatibility. Nomad 12 the ability to record to a USB flash drive, and the ability to record MP3 files.

Key Features:

• AUTOMIXER automatically opens and closes your mics for a seamless mix in an unscripted situation
• EFFECTS equalize and adjustable audio
• MARF highly reliable lossless recording format
• EVERCLIP gives you an incredible dynamic range without clipping your audio
• PRERECORD turn back time
• TIMECODE built-in timecode reader and generator
• ZAXNET provides wireless timecode, ZaxNet audio and remote control between Zaxcom products
• AXNET REMOTE controls your wireless transmitters remotely

Nomad 12.

• Recording tracks: 12
• Total mix Busses: 18
• Track mix busses: 12
• Automixer: 18 inputs
• ZaxNet: yes
• AES inputs: 8 channel
• USB recording: yes
• Notch filter per ch.: 2
• Ext fader cont.: yes
• Surround decode: yes