Zaxcom QRX235 - 4 Channel ENG Receiver x/QIFB Block 20

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The QRX235 Rx features ZHD digital modulation. The digital modulation gives the QRX235 significantly enhanced distance and range.. Any combination of Zaxcom TRX series mono or stereo transmitters can be used with the QRX235.

The QRX235 outputs audio in both analog and AES digital formats and receives 4 channels of 100% digital audio from up to 2 transmitters . It's small and lightweight to provide optimum compatibility and functionality for broadcasters and freelancers alike.

A group of 12 multicolored LED's are recessed into the side of the QRX235 for visual confirmation of audio reception. The LED's are very bright and can be seen from quite a distance even in bright sunlight.

Key Features:

• DIGITAL MODULATION 100% digital modulation for superior audio quality
• ENCRYPTED AUDIO keeps transmitted audio private
• INTERMODULATION RESISTANT removes unwanted spurious emissions for a cleaner signal
• TIMECODE built-in timecode reader and generator
• ZAXNET provides wireless timecode, ZaxNet audio and remote control between Zaxcom products
• ZAXNET REMOTE controls your wireless transmitters remotely