Apogee Control USB Hardware Remote

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The Apogee Control from Apogee Electronics is a desktop, hardware remote designed to work with the Ensemble Thunderbolt, Element Series, and Symphony I/O Mk II interfaces.

Use the included USB cable to quickly connect the Apogee Control to any available USB port on your Mac, and access the interface's input and output levels using the large control knob and three control-knob focus buttons. Eight user-configurable hardware buttons give you direct control over a wide range of software functions, including volume, mute, dim, mono, and more.

The remote is compatible with the Apogee Control, Apogee Element Control, and Apogee Symphony Control software.

Key Features:

• Desktop hardware remote control
• Works with Element Series, Ensemble Thunderbolt, and Symphony I/O Mk II Thunderbolt
• Connects directly to any available USB port on your Mac
• 8 Assignable buttons
• 1 Assignable control knob
• Can be configured to control multiple units

What's Included?

• Apogee Electronics Apogee Control Hardware Remote
• USB Cable