Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center

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COMSTAR XT Series full duplex wireless is designed specifically for teams that need to communicate with their hands. These revolutionary intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. The system allows up to eight wireless users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 800 yard range. At the heart of each COMSTAR system is a signal relay called the Com-Center. This centralized base transceiver is both AC powered or battery powered for on-location use and is totally portable. Each Com-Center can accomodate up to eight users in full duplex. Choose any combination of wireless headsets to create a completely customized system.

Outstanding range - Full duplex communication up to 800 yards (400 yds in all directions from Com-Center).
Dual channel w/ conferencing - Two groups of four users communicate separately or all together in conference mode.
Digital, full duplex voice - Dect frequency band is reserved by FCC for voice communications only.
Totally portable - AC wall plug, rechargeable batteries, and AA Disposable battery sled included.
Simple/instant setup - Self tuning, no antenna required.
No FCC licensing - USA, Canada, Japan, Europe & Australia certified.

The Com-Center is a master transceiver that is at the heart of every complete COMSTAR full duplex wireless system. This centralized signal relay continuously accepts the voice transmissions coming from all the COMSTAR wireless headsets and then sends them back out to everyone in the talk net.
The Com-Center is battery operated but can also be powered by regular wall current. (Rechargeable NIMH battery, disposable battery sled and AC adapter are included). Each Com-Center accommodates two separate groups of four users operating on different channels. A simple conference switch allows 8 users to communicate together. Two Com-Centers can be interlinked doubling the capacity to 16 people all talking simultaneously in full duplex mode.

Key Features:

• Self-contained or backpack
• Expandable to 16 users
• Simultaneous talk, heavy duty