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Recording a live session for video

Written by on August 8th, 2018.      0 comments

The first most important thing to think about is; are the band going to be playing live or are they going to be multitracking it? In this article we’ll be discussing the basics of recording a band live in the studio.

As the musicians are going to be playing at the same time you’re going to need a recording interface with a lot of mic pres/expandability to capture the performance. Something like the iD44 with 2 ASP800/880s would give you 20 channels, which will be more than enough.

Once everyone’s tuned up, drums skins replaced and guitars restringed, you’re going to want to think about positioning the band to get the most separation whilst still maintaining the live feel of the band.

See the rest of the article on the Audient website below.



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