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KV2 Concert System impresses in Bratislava

Written by on June 8th, 2016.      0 comments

17 May 2016

Slovakia -
KV2's new VHD5.0 Large Format Concert System was successfully applied for three sell out concerts in Bratislava for the country's leading singer, Lucie Bílá, celebrating her 50th birthday and being acknowledged with multiple awards as the most popular singer of the last 25 years at the same time.

To date, there has not been a larger production in the history of Czech and Slovakia show business. Over 300 production personnel were employed on the show and involved in preparation over a year, with monumental scenes and an incredible Soundscape being created in the largest stadium in the Slovakian capital.

Producer and director of the show Jeffo Minarik commented on his long term hunt for the best sound system that would have matched the highest criteria for the planned production: "We wanted the best sound system available, with crystal clear resolution and high dynamics, not only to reproduce Lucie's amazing voice, but also to cover the large, varied broad instrumental portfolio we planned to use.

"Each part of the VHD5.0 system is proportional in size to the frequency wavelengths it reproduces. The radiated power of each bandwidth therefore remains consistent and balanced in relevance to the overall frequency response. This was one of the main benefits as the same consistent sound was delivered to every seat in the house. "I was literally shocked during the first test of this system.

"I have never heard both vocals and instruments so directly, but more importantly - naturally, directly in front of my face and what is more incredible, unlike other systems we used before, with the VHD5.0, the sound stays clear, fast, powerful and dynamic everywhere."

The concert's system setup consisted of five VHD5.0 (two doubles per side including four SL412s as down-fill, one single in the middle) as main PA, a single VHD2.0 per side as side-fill and 10x VHD4.21 Active Passive Subwoofers flying alongside the VHD5.0s. For monitoring purposes of the orchestra, fourESM26 and two ESM12 were used. The whole audio chain was analogue controlled throughout by two modified 48-channel Audient Aztec mixers.

"You can't actually localise the source of the sound since it stays balanced and goes from the stage wherever you move", say Alex Molcanov, main sound engineer for the concert. "When you look at the proportion of the system including all subs flying and at the same time have 110dB of crystal clear sound in 70 meters you don't believe it."

The VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array system is going to hit the world in stages later this year, says the manufacturer. First deployments will take place at several events in the US and the Czech Republic in forthcoming weeks.

(Jim Evans)


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