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TASCAM DR-10C Series Micro Linear PCM Recorder With Wireless System

TASCAM DR-10C Series Micro Linear PCM Recorder With Wireless System
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This small, wearable linear PCM recorder is used to record audio from a lavalier mic. Pair the recorder with a wireless beltpack system for backup recording.
NZ $345.00
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Key Features

  • Supports Sennheiser wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CS)
  • Supports Shure wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CH, DR-10CS with optional AK-DR10CH panel)
  • Supports Sony/RAMSA wireless system mics and transmitters (DR-10CS/DR-10CH with optional AK-DR10CR panel)
  • Note: The Sony/RAMSA panel has a sliding switch to allow proper wiring configuration
  • 48kHz/24-bit linear PCM mono recording
  • WAV files (compatible with BWF format)
  • Media: microSD/SDHC cards (supports 32GB capacities)
  • Sliding record switch and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording
  • Dual recording function
  • automatic file closing function to prevent the loss of already recorded data
  • High/Mid/Low recording level settings
  • Low-cut filter
  • Limiter
  • Automatic level function
  • With a built-in clock function, supports BWF files that can have time information added - convenient for editing and searching
  • Time track incrementing function can create new files at regular intervals (every 15 minutes) during recording
  • Playback function allows recorded data to be checked immediately
  • Headphone output
  • Easy-to-read organic EL display
  • micro USB B port enables easy data exchange with computers
  • Records at least 10 hours on a single AAA battery * using alkaline batteries (EVOLTA)
  • Unit settings can be created and transferred as a computer text file
  • Settings can be transferred between DR-10C units using the infrared transmission function
  • Firmware can be updated using a microSD card
  • Belt clip included
  • Silicon band that can be used to attach the unit to a transmitter included
  • Custom case for storing the unit and accessories included
  • RoHS-compliant product
TASCAM’s DR-10C-series recorders connect to your lavaliere microphone to create a compact recording system that fits on a belt pack. Two versions are available: the DR-10CS for Sennheiser mics and DR-10CH for Shure microphones. Additionally, option kits are available for Sony/RAMSA (AK-DR10CR.) and Shure (AK-DR10CH)

The DR-10CS & CH recorders have both inputs and outputs, so they can either be used stand-alone or with a wireless transmitter. When used with a transmitter, the DR-10C acts as a backup to protect against wireless dropouts during recording. For lectures or worship services, the DR-10C can record the entire program before it gets to the front of house system. And for events like weddings and reality TV production, the DR-10C is a compact recording system for body mics.

The lightweight DR-10C runs for hours on a single AAA battery. It records to standard microSD media. Recording features include auto-gain and a low-cut filter for simple setup. Its dual recording feature records a safety track of your audio at a lower level, so in case of distortion you have a non-clipped backup. When multiple units are used, an infrared signal can synchronize settings between recorders.

Whether using it as a backup or as a primary recording system, there’s nothing else like the TASCAM DR-10CS and CH.

Backup audio recording is possible by connecting this recorder to a wireless beltpack system

Use as a backup recorder connected between a wireless System mic and its transmitter

The DR-10 recorder can be connected between the mic and a transmitter of a wireless system from a supported manufacturer. Connect the mic to recorder and use the included cable to connect it to the transmitter. This setup is perfect for use as a backup recorder - assuring the capture of audio should the signal sent through the wireless system be interrupted.

Designs that support the wireless systems of several manufacturers
The lineup includes models that can be used with several manufacturers. Standard models support Sennheiser and Shure wireless systems. In addition, Sony/RAMSA and Shure systems can also be used by installing optional replacement panels with the required connectors. 

Note: The Sony/RAMSA panel has a sliding switch to allow proper wiring configuration

Compact and lightweight
The DR-10C is compact - fitting in the palm of the hand and lightweight at 51 grams. Moreover, it is designed to be carried like a single unit with the transmitter. Included is a silicon band that can be used to attach it to the transmitter, and a durable belt clip - allowing several options for use depending on the situation.

Reliable system with independent signal circuitry for recording, and pass-thru from mic to transmitter
The signal from the wireless system mic is input to the recorder - and separately passed-thru directly to the transmitter. With this reliable design, if the battery dies and the unit stops, the transmission of the audio signal to the wireless system will not be affected.
Linear PCM recorder with high-quality audio

Designed to capture high-quality mono audio at 48kHz/24-bit. Perfect for television, film and stage performances - as well as lectures and other professional recording applications

Designed with mono audio recording using a 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV/BWF recording format.

Pair the recorder with a lavalier mic for use as a compact, wearable linear PCM recorder
The DR-10C can be utilized in recording situations when performers or speakers might move outside the wireless system reception area. When not used with a wireless system, it is perfect as a stand-alone, compact wearable recorder.
Designed to provide reliable recording in the field - with attention to quick device setting and post production needs

Sliding record switch and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording

The recording switch uses a sliding mechanism. This prevents misoperation from accidentally pressing a button. In addition, the hold function can prevent recording from being stopped by accidental contact with a button.

Multiple functions, including dual-recording for simultaneously creating a safety track at a lower level.
Many times, there is only one chance to get the desired audio. This unit has functions to prevent issues related to recording level settings - including a dual recording function that allows you to set the recording level as high as possible while simultaneously recording a backup track at a lower level.
In addition, this unit has an automatic gain control function that adjusts the input level to match the input volume. There is also a limiter function.

Before the battery charge runs out, automatic file closing prevents the loss of already recorded data
You can check the battery level on the easy-to-read organic EL display. Even if the battery should run out unexpectantly, the unit will automatically close the file to prevent the loss of already recorded data before it shuts down.

Built-in clock function and support for BWF files (time information stored in metadata)
This unit has a built-in clock and supports BWF audio files that have time information added to them. This feature is helpful for searching and editing recorded audio files.

Playback function for checking recordings, and the headphone output enables input monitoring
Even though this unit is compact, it can play back recorded files. You can also connect headphones to check recorded data right away, and to monitor the input during recording.

Settings can be transferred between multiple DR-10C units using the infrared transmission function
The infrared transmission function makes it possible to easily transmit settings from one DR-10C to another. When using multiple units, you can copy the settings of one unit that has already been set to other units one after another.
Recording media microSD card(64MB to 2GB), 
microSDHC card(4GB to 32GB)
Media discharging Push-Push type (Guard cover mounted)
Recording format WAV(BWF)
Sampling frequency 48kHz
Quantization bit rate 24bit
Number of channels 1-channel (Mono)
Analog audio Inputs  
Connector More info for Pin Assign, please click here
DR-10CS Compatible with SENNHEISER
3.5mm(1/8") TRS jack with screw lock
Compatible with SHURE
Mini XLR 4pin, Male (TA4M adapter)
AK-DR10CR Compatible with SONY
Hirose 4pin Female KMC-9BPD-4S (SMC9-4S adapter)
Compatible with RAMSA 
Hirose 4pin Female KMC-9BPD-4S (KMC-9BRF-4S adapter)

* Please utilize the slide switch for SONY / RAMSA selection.
MIC input gain LOW / MID / HIGH
Input impedance 32kohm or more
Connector 3.5mm(1/8") stereo mini jack (DUAL MONO)
Connector Micro-B type 4pin
Protocol USB2.0 HIGH SPEED mass storage class
Power 1 AAA battery (Alkaline battery/ Ni-MH battery / Lithium battery), 
USB bus power
Power consumption 0.45W
Battery operation time WAV,24 bit / 48kHz Rec, without headphones, limiter : OFF , Dual Rec : OFF , JEITA Rec
Alkaline battery (EVOLTA) Approx 10 hours
Ni-MH battery (eneloop) Approx 8 hours
lithium battery (Energizer ULTIMATE LITHIUM) Approx 15.5 hours
Battery (RTC) Lithium × 1(built in with soldering)
DR-10CS / DR-10CH 52(W) × 55.6(H) × 24.4(D) mm
2.0(W) × 2.2(H) × 1.0(D) inch
AK-DR10CH 49.2(W) × 20.9(H) × 19.2(D) mm
1.9(W) × 0.8(H) × 0.8(D) inch
AK-DR10CR 49.2(W) × 20.9(H) × 21.5(D) mm
1.9(W) × 0.8(H) × 0.8(D) inch
DR-10CS / DR-10CH 63g (including battery) / 51g (without battery)
AK-DR10CH 16.3g
AK-DR10CR 16g
Operating temperature 0˚C to 40˚C
DR-10CS / DR-10CH USB cable,Connection cable, Carrying case, Clip, Belt, Owner's Manual (including warranty)
AK-DR10CH / AK-DR10CR Connection cable, Spare screws × 3
Audio performance
Frequency response 20Hz to 22kHz +1/-2dB (IN to PHONES)
Computer compatibility
OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
OS OS X Mountain Lion(V10.8), OS X Mavericks(10.9)

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